Creating Customer Loyalty

Do you know why customers keep going back to a particular business? Or why they stay away from another even when it carries a product they like?

Many people think it’s price, but most of the time it’s not.

Customers want and demand service. Common decency, good manners and respect go a long way.

Think about your own shopping experiences. Don’t you just hate it when a sales clerk gives the impression that you’re wasting his time by asking a question? Or that he’s doing you a favor by accepting your money? Even worse is when he doesn’t know the answer, ignores you or is downright rude.

Makes you want to leave, or even write the manager a nasty note, doesn’t it.

You never want your customers to feel this way.

Even when cost is a factor, it’s not the amount of money that counts. What matters is the value the customer believes she’s getting for the price. She doesn’t necessarily want the cheapest; she wants the best for the best price.

Treat your customers right, and train your employees to do the same. Find little ways to make them feel special and they will keep coming back for more.

Give great service with great value. When you find creative ways to do both, you’ll have all the loyal customers and repeat business you can handle.

Vanessa Shelton is a web designer, marketing consultant and copywriter with over 20 years experience. She uses “The Right Words – The Right Way” to bring your ideas and vision to the world. With newsletters, article marketing, the website refresh, and more in her arsenal, Vanessa is ready to help small business owners and independent professionals get attention, and get results. Visit to see how Vanessa can help you.

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