PR’s Do Work

I got the line “PR’s Do Work” from a client who is also a dear friend. This is the caption she used to share her success when she was featured in a newspaper article.

About three weeks ago I got a call from a reporter for one of the local TV stations. She wanted to do a news story about using Twitter for business.

She said that when she did a search for local businesses on Twitter, my name came up first. So I agreed to talk with her. The story aired three times – on the 10pm news, the late night repeat, and on the early morning edition the next day.

I have helped a few clients in the past with publicity, but those were print media. The results were always fairly good, but never spectacular or overwhelming.

That is how I’d have to describe what has happened for me in the time since the story appeared. I started getting emails that night and after the peice appeared again in the morning, my phone started ringing.

I was surprised that so many people were not only paying attention, but made the effort to contact me – even weeks after. It’s been a terrific experience. I’ve made many new contacts and gained several new clients.

Give it a try!



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