Number 4 – A photo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and photographs can speak especially loud. A photograph captures a moment in time, for all time. And yet, a photo can still be open to interpretation.

First, I started to post a few photos of my kids and granddaughter (as they are the subjects of most of my favorite photos). I have several of those posted around the web. And I’m trying to stay in the neighborhood of what this blog is supposed to be about: entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

But I believe children and family are the most important reasons for entrepreneurship and wealth creation. I’m not trying to ramble here, but there are times when bouncing thoughts around really is the best way to find your own truth. 🙂

My grandfather was illiterate. He could read and write his name, but that was about it. As one of the oldest of (I think) 15, it had to be that way back then. But he raised 7 children who all graduated high school – and at least two who loved books and reading. (One of those was my mother.)

So yes, these two pictures are very important to me and the history of my family. Grand-daddy has 13 great-grands. 5 are high school grads. 4 are pursuing higher education. And all but the two youngest (ages 4 and 5) can, and do, read.




Number 4 – A photo — 3 Comments

  1. Wonderful! Yes, taking the time to ramble around and find the truth…I am working on the same in my own blog. How do these things all inter-connect?

    I am truly enjoying this journey of blogging together. Taking the time to reflect with all of you…

    Vanessa, what a beautiful tribute to a man (your grandfather) who continues to be alive in your heart…and nudging your family along to continued greatness:) This post is an ispiration to me…being there for your family and supporting their accomplishments.


  2. Hey Nessa, what a timely visit for me.

    I just posted on my blog about how hard it is at times for me to stay on track with my blogs purpose.

    Then I come here and discover it is ok to ramble when one is looking for direction and paving new paths.

    I always have and still do , learn from your wonderful words.

    Thank you and God's blessing always.

    Bea Kunz

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