Give Them What They Need

You’ve worked hard to bring visitors to your website.

Today let’s look at a few things your website needs to keep your visitors engaged and coming back.

Web surfers are notoriously impatient; you only have a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention and assure them that your site does have what they’re looking for.

You do this by making sure your website has certain necessary elements.

Make it easy.
Most visitors will not take the time to search for your links or topic. The navigation is one of the most important elements of your site. It needs to be immediately visible, and the links need to be clear about the information contained on each page.

Make it obvious.
When prospects land on your site, they should be able to tell right away that they are in the right place. When reading your first paragraphs, prospects should recognize that you understand and can solve their problem.

Make it useful.
You’ve created your website for a certain group of people – your target market. When they get there they better find something helpful or entertaining or they will leave.

Make it real.
Stiff, stuffy and faceless won’t do. People need to be able to see and trust you to do business with you. Put in a little of your personality, and make sure it’s easy to contact you.

Make it correct.
Very few things erode your credibility faster than typos, bad grammar and incorrect information.

Make it look good.
Although people do make quick judgments based on appearance, you’ll notice that looks are last on the list. Yes, your site should look professional, pleasing and appropriate to its subject. But this doesn’t mean you need every fancy trick or technology you can find. If it doesn’t add to the user experience, it’s just a time waster and/or unnecesary expense, and may even drive visitors away.

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