Day 14 – Support Your Cause

Day 14 in the 30 days of blogging provides an especially important prompt for me.

The “cause” I support most is not a a single charity or organization; I am passionate about the plight of the homeless.

A while back, I decided to do a project to contribute to the cause. I wrote about it in this blog here. Even before this current economic crisis that has caused so many families to lose their homes, there were always marginalized people in our society. People who through no fault of their own have less than what is needed to survive. This is not right.

It doesn’t make any sense to me that in a world of such plenty there are those who have so little. I wish to help as many as possible to find ways to better their situation. I wish to serve both those who are on the edge and those who are in it.

This mission is the main reason that my business still exsists.

This blog and my project are only two of the ways I try to accomplish that mission. I sincerely hope that others will join me, and that I will be blessed with ways to join other efforts.

I’m looking forward to hearing about others’ passionate causes and how we can all support worthwhile causes.




Day 14 – Support Your Cause — 3 Comments

  1. Question… Do you think people should be "taught to fish" or just given hand outs. I believe that many (not all) are in the position they are is because they are given hand outs and not shown "how to fish".

    Please let me know your thoughts.

  2. How beautiful…thank you for thinking of others and putting your care into action. Vanessa, you truly show me how our worlds connect…business, family, life, creativity, career, the world, our faith…

    I appreciate the way you weave words and support your cause/mission for a more peaceful and giving connection with all.

  3. Thanks Susan. I believe that we are meant to care for each other; otherwise all the things we do are meaningless.

    Debbie, I do think people should be taught skills that will aloow them to help themselves, but there needs to be more than that if there is to be a true solution. "Handout" is a political and media buzzword designed to make you think that there are some who get things for nothing and that isn't true. There is very little assistance available for the most vulnerable members of society – and it costs a lot for the few who do get it.

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