Features of Your WordPress Site

There are some features that are common to all WordPress sites, and you should be familiar with them to manage your site.

Categories are the main topics that you write about in your blog. This list is useful for helping your visitors find the specific information they are interested in. Many bloggers have a list of the available topics in their sidebar or navigation list.

To create categories simply click the ‘categories’ option under ‘posts’ in your dashboard. When writing a new blog post (or editing an older one) you can choose the categories for that post from the list located on the right side of the editing page.

Plug-ins are small programs that can be installed with WordPress to add extra features and functions to your blog or website. These plug-ins are standard on all sites by Vanessa’s Desk.

Platinum SEO pack – I’ve found this to be one of the better plug-ins for adding a custom title and description to each of your site’s pages. It also allows you to “hide” some of your pages from the search engines.

Exclude Pages – Every site has certain pages (such as your thank you or downloads pages) that shouldn’t be listed in the public navigation of the site. This plug-in allows you to remove them by unchecking the box located on the right side of the page editing field underneath the publishing button.

All-In-One-Favicon – A favicon is the tiny picture that appears beside your site URL in the address bar, and beside your site name in people’s favorites or bookmarks list. The image is usually of your logo, but can be other things as well.

Your site will probably also have some plug-ins or template add-ons that are unique to your business and I will explain those to you individually.