Website Creation: Before and After

Increase the chances of website success by taking the right steps both before and after building your site.
Wednesday Website Tips


Decide on the main goal for your site. Do you want to inform, qualify prospects, display your work, get newsletter signups, sell products, etc.

Know exactly who your audience is. Your message will not be clear or effective if you’re not sure who you’re talking to, if you’re talking to the wrong people, or if you haven’t narrowed it down enough and your target is too broad.

Plan for growth. Your site structure, design and content organization should all be set up so that you can easily expand.


Test, test, and test again. Have others look at all the pages on as many different devices as possible. Click the links and fill out the forms.

Use your marketing plan. Your site won’t do you any good if nobody sees it. You must promote it in a way that brings in visitors.

Perform frequent maintenance on a regular schedule. Keep your programs and security features up-to-date. Look it over often just to be sure that everything still looks and works like it’s supposed to.



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