Time Out!

For most of us, June starts the busy summer season: making school break activity plans for the kids, celebrating dads and grads, family reunions and vacations. This is in addition to the ongoing challenges of keeping a business going and growing.

In all the bustle of extra activity, one thing that usually gets left off the to-do list is time for relaxation. Vacations with the family turn into another set of tasks to accomplish so that the end of your trip -if you can actually take one – finds you as tired as you were at the beginning.

No matter how much you enjoy your work, your mind and body do get stressed. You need to take regular time out to relax and recharge. Not just for yourself, but for those you care about and for the health of your business. Here’s why:

Lower stress. Every job has at least a few parts that create frustration or anxiety. And even the fun parts require effort and concentration. Both of these conditions can cause both mental and physical stress which slows you down and eventually takes a toll on your health. It’s important to have a regular release.

Dream and Create. Have you ever had the experience of solving a problem as soon as you quit thinking about it? Ideas and solutions come faster and easier when you get rid of tension.

Evaluate and Plan. Get away from the pressure of day-to-day operations so that you can see the big picture. Let your mind drift a little and contemplate where you are and dream about where you want to be. This is where goals come from.

Remember the Joy. You started your business for a reason. Keeping in touch with the happiness and anticipation you felt at the beginning will help maintain your motivation and keep you in tune with the adventure.

Celebrate. Like we discussed last time, it’s important to acknowledge and take pleasure in your progress and accomplishments. It helps keep you moving forward, and it feels good!

Now obviously you can’t just pack up and spend a week on the beach every month (at least, most of can’t). But there are many ways to take regular, rejuvenating breaks. For example, you can limit the length of your work days, automate or outsource routine duties to free up time, and set aside a day or a portion of a day each week to spend in worship or meditation. Find a way that fits your business and lifestyle, and stick to it.

Regular time outs will make your time in more effective and enjoyable.





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