The Freedom To Dream

Today is Independence Day. Happy Fourth of July!

What better way to celebrate than to free your dreams? Dreams and dreamers are the beginning of everything. It takes a plan to achieve a goal, but it takes a dream to create a goal.

Dare to imagine your best life. Write it down – in detail. Review it regularly, make it a part of you. Your dreams will not only define your goals, they will provide the passion, energy and enthusiasm to help you reach those goals.

Now go celebrate. Watch some fireworks and get inspired. Never give up your dreams!

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The Freedom To Dream — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Nessa,

    I do believe we have many things in common.

    Love of the night sky is a passion of mine.
    I just came inside from watching a dark and intriguing storm cloud roll by.
    It started just at dusk and actually looked as though someone was behind it, rolling it up into a big ball. It skirted us without a drop of rain…which is a good thing. We have had more than we need this last two weeks.

    Enlighten me…”The Fifth Sacred Thing.” I am not familiar with the title.

    Thanks for your visit to The Beatitudes, always good to see you there.

    Blessings a plenty!

    Bea Kunz

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