The First Secret To Creating Wealth

There are many ways to become wealthy. Some methods are complex, and some are rather simple; but none are easy. All require good planning, a certain amount of risk, and a lot of determination.

This all depends, of course, on exactly what your definition of “wealthy” is. To some folks wealthy will always mean having a certain amount of money – having $XX in the account. To others, being wealthy means having enough to share or having peace of mind or any of the other hundreds of definitions that there are.

For our purpose here, let’s agree that wealthy means having money. Maybe for you that means enough so that you don’t have to worry. Or maybe it means enough to share. It could be that you want to be secure enough to know you’ll never run out.

It doesn’t really matter because we’ve already determined that it takes at least some money to achieve any dream.

So where does that money come from? Obviously, there are dozens of sources and hundreds of possible steps and variations on those sources and steps. The many processes involved in the art and skill of making a lot of money can be amazingly intricate and complex. But the basics are actually quite simple.

This is a brief interruption for a required disclaimer since I have no desire to be sued by someone who has a problem and wants to blame me. This is not the last time you will see this message.
(Note: I am not a financial planner, accountant, broker, analyst or any other kind of certified financial or legal advisor. The information given is my opinion and is based solely on my own personal research and observations. I am not giving financial advice, and strongly recommend that you always consult a qualified professional in matters of money management.)

And now – back to the discussion.

  • Identify dreams and goals
  • Create income
  • Live on less than that income
  • Save religiously
  • Protect yourself
  • Invest wisely
  • Increase income
  • Increase investments

The list looks so simple. Simple, but not always easy. That’s the first secret.

So here you have the next several weeks worth of subjects. I hope you’ll join me and make this a true discussion. I’m anxious to read your comments.

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