Who Are You Talking To?

Who are your customers, and what’s their problem?

This is the very first question that has to be answered when it comes to planning and marketing your business. It’s also the last question. And many of the ones in between.

Many business owners believe, and behave as if the product or service is the most important thing. While it is certainly true that you need the knowledge to produce your offering, it is even more important that you know and understand the people who will be using it.

It doesn’t matter if you call this your target market, your ideal client profile or your niche. What matters is that you listen to these people and learn from them.

Be specific. In addition to gender and age range, you’ll want to know things such as where they get information, what are their fears and problems, and what they want and need.

There are many reasons to be as detailed as possible, and you’ve probably heard a few of them before:

  • Knowing your niche makes it easier to separate your business from the competition.
  • Define the benefits you offer. When you know who your audience is you can talk about things that are important to them instead of things that don’t really matter.
  • Knowing your target also allows you to create persuasive marketing and promotions that appeal directly and specifically to the people who most need what you offer.

Once you know these things about your market, it will become very easy to identify and explain what you do, how you do it, and what they get out of it.

There are resources available if you need help. Contact me today and we’ll find them.



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