Setting The Mood

You can’t deny that mood influences behavior. When you feel like doing an activity, you’ll usually do a better job and enjoy it more. If you don’t feel like it, you may still do it if you absolutely have to, but you will probably do only the minimum that’s required and there will be no joy in it.

As a business owner your main goal is to convince people to buy your products and services. So anything that can cause your prospects to have favorable moods and impulses is a tool you can use if you understand how it works.

Here are a few things that influence mood, and ways you may be able to use them in your business.

Sound – According to studies, different types of sounds, especially music, have various effects on both mood and behavior. For example, the tempo of background music can affect how much time a customer spends inside a retail store. Customers tend to move slightly slower when slow music is played and therefore spent more on average than with faster music.

Music is also used to create atmosphere and promote a certain feeling about a brand. Think about upbeat music that can make customers feel more energetic, and perceive your business as an energetic place. For businesses like spas, massage therapists and professional or medical practices the music – and therefore the atmosphere – is usually soft and soothing.

This doesn’t only apply to retail space either. Music (and other sound effects) can be used to help create a specific mood with your advertising, on social media and on your website.

Color – Scientists have been trying for years to analyze and define how specific colors, shades and hues affect emotions and perceptions. Of course, there are no absolutes because every reaction is to some extent based on individual tastes, but color does affect mood.

Since color is all around us, there are nearly infinite possibilities when it comes to using it to create the ambiance you want. Again, it all comes down to your brand identity and the mood you want to create in your customers and prospects. This applies to all visual elements of your business from packaging to logos to decor.

Decide on the mood you want to create and find colors that match those emotions.

Language – The way you talk and write about your business has a definite effect on how prospects view and react to you. Whether you’re writing ads, website copy, or social media posts, your words and how you use them can make all the difference.

Youthful modern slang. Scholarly, academic and intellectual. Friendly, casual and conversational. Precise, technical and detailed. Each of these conveys a unique point of view for a particular audience. Pay close attention to verbs and descriptions.

The right words can paint any picture you want and let you direct the attention, and often the action.

Setting The Mood



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