Your Video Intro

Vanessa’s Desk is pleased to partner with Top 6 Productions to offer a new service.

Check out this video we did for The Travel Diva. Makes you want to run right out and book a vacation, doesn’t it? How would you like to get more attention for your business and create that kind of desire in YOUR prospects? Well, now you can – and it’s easier and more affordable than you may think!

Announce your web presence in a unique fashion! A professional video or audio introduction is a great way to add a little sizzle to your website!

  • Provide your visitors a quick way to get your main message. Internet users are notoriously impatient; a video greeting is instant – make your point immediately.
  • Provide your visitors with variety. There are many people who prefer, remember and respond better to hearing rather than reading.

You provide the images (or let us know what kind you want), Vanessa makes sure your copy has a strong marketing message, Top 6 sets it to original music with a professional voice-over, and you get a terrific promotional tool!

Only $45 for a limited time. Order yours today!
(After payment you will be redirected to the Top 6 Productions contact page to tell us about your project.)

Glenda Carswell of GYC Consulting said, “Thank you soooo much Top Six Productions! What a professional job you’ve done. I am amazed at the level of creativity and how EVERYTHING flows together…music, narration, pictures! It sends a CLEAR message to the viewer! A definite plus for me was how quickly this video project was expedited! Just AWESOME! GYC Consulting Company has officially been introduced!”

Here is one for VA Clearissa Coward.

Get yours today!