Newsletters & Ezines

Newsletters and Email Marketing

The money is in the list.   Your list is your biggest asset.

You’ve heard these phrases before, but what do they really mean?

It’s all about the process of turning a stranger into a customer.

The first step is to grab their attention – and their curiosity. Let them know that you understand their need, and offer a sample of your solution. This is how you get prospects to sign up; it’s how you grow your list.

Of course, just because a visitor signs up for your newsletter doesn’t mean they’ll become a customer right away. Studies have shown that prospects need to hear your message at least seven times before they respond. They have to know and trust you.

That’s where your newsletter comes in.

An effective newsletter (or Ezine as they’re also called) allows you to communicate and build trust with your prospects. You educate them about your service, provide them with helpful tips and info, and let them get to know you. It’s a very powerful tool.

Newsletter Creation

Continuing price only $99 per issue. After checkout you will be directed to a short questionnaire to begin your service.

  • Each issue includes a feature article on topic relevant to your industry and customers
  • Two sidebar items consisting of tips or links of interest to your readers
  • Customized template design and header graphic to match the style of your website is included in the first issue price
  • The perfect way to maintain positive contact with your list
  • First issue price of $149 includes template and subscriber sign up set-up

Need help building your list? Looking for the perfect incentive to get folks to sign up? The Vanessa’s Desk list building service can create e-books and other give aways that will make your prospects glad to sign up.