Building Your List

List Building with E-books and Information Products

Success is in the list, but how do you build a good list? You have to give folks something they can use, a practical sample of the benefits you can bring them.

Part of the process of turning a stranger into a customer is proving that you can help them solve their problem.

Your website visitors need a good reason to give you their email address – and to read your e-zine.

A well written e-book that gives usable information or tips is one of the best ways to do that.

Information Products – Another Income Stream

There is truth to the old saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Even without these difficult economic times, it’s always a good idea to have more than one source of income.

Information products – e-books, classes and workbooks – make an excellent source, especially for service providers who want to increase their earnings potential. There are only so many hours available for you to work with clients personally and once you reach that limit, you have to find new ways to expand. Re-packaging your services lets you do that.

Let Vanessa’s Desk work with you to create information products you can be proud of. Contact me today to get started.

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