Article Marketing

If you have a website, you probably know that writing articles is a good way to increase your traffic, get backlinks to improve SEO and build positive impact for your company. You may even have found this site that way since I’ve written so many articles on various subjects that are posted in many places.

There are online services that claim to provide hundreds of articles for you at unbelievably low prices. There are other programs that promise to submit your articles to thousands of directories.

Is either of these options truly a smart idea?

Of course not.

Both of these strategies remove the main advantages of using articles to drive traffic to your website and market your business.

You get what you pay for. Those super cheap articles will likely either be computer generated and nearly gibberish, or written by a poor overseas worker with a substandard command of the language. And it does no good to submit to directories that your target market doesn’t read.

Quality matters. The purpose of your articles is to establish your expertise and credibility. Start improving yours today.

Article Marketing – Single Article Service

After checkout you will be directed to a short questionnaire to begin your article service.

  • Research and writing of an article on a subject relevant to your industry and target market
  • A list of appropriate directories where you can post your article
  • A list of keywords and a description to use in directory listings
  • Your article can also be repurposed for use in your blog or on forums
  • A “blurb” to use as links on Twitter or other micro-blogging platforms
  • Designed to increase your website traffic and help improve your search engine rankings
  • A great value at only $39/article

Article Marketing – Ongoing Service

Just $97 per month!

  • This continuing article marketing program includes three articles per month when you sign up for 3 or more months
  • Save over the individual article price
  • Individual management of your profiles and submissions
  • Monthly report of submission details
  • After checkout you will be directed to a short questionnaire to begin your article service, then I will contact you with details about your campaign.