Make Your Own Luck

Good LuckThere are people who believe there is no such thing as luck. There are others who’d say that most things in life are a matter of chance. Between St. Patrick’s Day “luck of the Irish” and NCAA March Madness grids, a lot of folks had luck on their minds this month.

Whether you believe in “luck” or not, there are things you can do to take advantage of the random occurrences that life throws at everybody.

Be prepared to make the most of chance opportunities. Unexpected things happen to every business owner from time to time. You might discover that class you’ve wanted to take or a new software program you want is on sale. Or maybe you suddenly find out that a business owner you admire is looking for someone to partner with them on a project. Learn to keep an eye out for these situations, and be ready to grab them when they come up.

Pay attention to your intuition. Some might call it instincts, hunches or lucky guesses but everyone has had a time when they got that “gut feeling” about something. We all take in vast amounts of information about the world and the people around us. Some of that data is definite and concrete; facts that are obvious like seeing what someone is wearing or hearing the words they say. Other impressions are subtle or even subconscious, such as when a person’s tone and body language lead you to believe that what they really mean is different than what they actually said. Learning to recognize and trust those feelings can often help you avoid trouble.

Expect good things to happen and learn to see the bright side. This is usually, of course, much easier to say than it is to do. But it really does make a difference when you can manage it. Instead of saying that something won’t work, try telling yourself that it can happen. Learn to look for the “what if…” in situations that seem doubtful at first. You just might come up with a great “lucky” idea.

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