How Am I Doing?

I got a letter last week from a company I’ve done business with for 9 years. It annoyed me so much that I have decided to switch to a different service as soon as I possibly can – even though it will cost extra money and be a major inconvenience. I had considered this move before because they’ve sent several letters all with that same phrase that ticked me off.

It’s not just that the employees are rude and unhelpful. It’s not even that they’re raising the price again, for the third time and a more than 33% rate increase in less than 2 years.

No, what I find so extremely irritating is that all their letters start with the phrase “In order to continue the high level of customer service we have consistently provided…” That is arrogant and obnoxious, in addition to being untrue!

And it’s also very bad marketing.

You don’t have to tell your customers that you have excellent customer service. Your customers should be telling you! And if they aren’t telling you, then you should be asking them.

Tips for getting feedback

How Can I Help?1. Make sure your business is listed in all the places your customers are likely to talk about their experiences. This includes social media and review sites.

2. Ask for and make it easy for customers to leave comments.

3. Get permission to use spontaneous compliments you recieve by phone or email.

4. Offer an incentive – just be sure you make it random so it doesn’t appear that you’re trying to buy good reviews.

5. Don’t ignore negative comments; address them!

Customer reviews have a trememdous impact on business these days. People will listen to your marketing message if it’s a good one, but they also make buying decisions based on what real people have to say.



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