Day 23 – Make A Wish

We’re up to number 23 in the 30 days of blogging, and although I have missed some days this has still been the best thing that could ever happen to this journal.

Prompt 23 is an especially fun one; make a wish!

When I was a teenager and going through some difficulties, my school couselor would often ask me what I would wish for if I had the proverbial three wishes. Back then it all seemed so simple. I would always answer that I only needed one wish: for everybody in the world to have all they needed and be happy. In my mind then, that meant that everybody would have all their wishes granted!

I suppose that now I should have a more practical view of real life. And in some ways that earlier wish seems simplistic and unrealistic. There are some people who never have “enough” and some who refuse to be happy. So as I grew older my wishes stayed generally the same became more specific.

My wish is that everyone could be well nourished and healthy. That no one would ever have to face the trials of inadequate shelter or ridicule because of physical style or circumstances. That everyone would experience the joy that comes from knowing and fulfilling a purpose. That we could all give and receive absolute and unconditional love.

Yeah, I know it’s a lot to ask. But at the same time, it’s really not so much: it’s not like I’m wishing for the impossible. I believe that these things are possible….




Day 23 – Make A Wish — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful…and possible:) You are the reason there is hope in the world, Vanessa. Making wishes, believing in them, and sending those thoughts out into the world.

    As you wish, I so wish for you…and the world…

  2. Nessa, Susan spoke my thoughts beautifully.

    You are part of the solution by making your wishes part of your action…I know you do so much more than wish.

    Thanks for your beautiful spirit and giving heart.

    Bea Kunz

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