Day 20 – Memories

I missed a few days in the 30 days of blogging, but the nice thing about this project is that it’s so easy to jump back in. 🙂

Prompt 20 is to share a childhood memory.

When thinking about what would make a good recollection to share here, I reminded myself that the topic of this blog is wealth creation. That led to thoughts of Carolina Florist, the business my grandparents owned.

“The Shop” as we called it was one of my favorite places to be and there are so many fond memories to recall.

  • Grandpa’s whispery whistle as he worked, creating his beautiful arrangements
  • Grandma V teaching me how to update customer files when payments came in
  • Watering and dusting the potted plants and “dish gardens” kept in the window displays
  • Making endless boquets and corsages for Mother’s day, and hundreds of palm crosses for Easter
  • The elation when after countless tries, I finally learned to make a bow-ribbon pompom

It was a good place and a good way to learn about business and money and independence. I wish I had recognized at the time just how extraordinary it was.




Day 20 – Memories — 1 Comment

  1. What beautiful memories Vanessa. It is so wonderful to reflect on them. They definitely have an impact on ones life.

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