Day 15 – Music

We’re halfway through the 30 days of blogging – time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂

Topic 15, music, is an especially good subject, and one of my favorite things. Friends know one of my personal mantras: “books and music are essential to life”. Just recently I discovered how important music really is not just as background to life, but to my business.

Recently I’ve noticed that writing has become more difficult; it’s harder to begin, harder to find topics, harder to achieve that flow. Since coming to take care of and live with my dad, I had assumed that my much altered living situation was the culprit.

But when I visited for a couple of days with an old friend a few months ago, I remembered something. I always used to write with music playing but that hasn’t been the case here.

Sitting alone at my friend’s kitchen table sipping a drink and with his stereo on, I wrote more in an afternoon that I had in 3 months. I’m positive that being able to relax with some music was the reason.

There is no particular link I can give as my selections are fairly inclusive; I don’t care for heavy metal and I’m partial to old soul, but I like almost everything – from country to classical.

What music inspires you?




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