10 Steps To Making Your Dreams Come True

Every achievement starts with a dream! And dreams can be realized if you are willing to take certain steps.
Make your dreams come true

1. Be specific and detailed about what you want. You need more than a fuzzy outline; you need a clear precise image. Write it down. Draw a picture. Make a collage. And include everything! Don’t just say you want a new car. Name the make and model, list the features and color. See yourself sitting behind the wheel.

2. Keep the desire strong. Emotion provides both motivation and energy. Remind yourself of what you want every day. Let yourself feel the desire, and imagine how it will feel when the dream comes true and you’re driving your new car.

3. Turn the dream into a goal. A dream without a plan is just a dream. You may as well go back to sleep because that’s the only place it exists. Most of us can’t decide we want a new car today and go buy one tomorrow. In order to make it a reality you have to have a plan for how to achieve it. And the plan needs to be as detailed as the vision of the dream.

4. Set a time frame. Deadlines have a wonderful way of focusing your energy and concentration. What is a reasonable amount of time for you to carry out your plan to get behind the wheel?

5. Break your plan down into manageable chunks. You can’t sell your old car, research makes and models, take test drives and arrange finances all in one day.

6. Be ready to take advantage of opportunities. When your goal and desire and desire are strong you will find and attract situations that you may not have noticed before. Maybe you’ll be sought out by someone willing to pay more than the dealer will for your old car.

7. Take action on a regular schedule. It can be weekly or daily but you must be consistent.

8. Be positive in thought and environment. There’s no reason to make things harder for yourself by letting negative people and emotions drain you of your motivation and determination.

9. Keep learning!

10. Enjoy the process. Remember to have fun along the way.



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